About us

Fondstamp is a gravity die aluminium foundry since 1978, continuing a family tradition started in the 30’s


The nine melting furnaces, over forty hydraulic moulding benches and the finishing department integrated in the company permit a good response to the quality and delivery requirements of the customers.



The acquired experience and professionality consent Fondstamp to supply to our customers a meaningful support in the design of the components, in the choice of the most suitable alloy, in the realization of the dies.

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Thanks to qualified workshops, we can supply machined castings


The variety of produced items makes that several unified alloys are usually present in our warehouse, allowing us to suggest the preferrable solution for every casting.
The following is a list of aluminium alloys on stock:

EN AB 45300
EN AB 42200
EN AB 43100
EN AB 44100
EN AB 46400
EN AB 47000
EN AB 45000
UNI 7369/1
UNI 3054
EN 601
EN 1774 ZL2720